It came out of nowhere. At first there were rumors – rumblings of some wars far to the east. Then the eastern merchant caravans stopped coming. Then they came…

At first no one could believe the reported size of the armies marching under a scarlet banner. Legion upon legion of human and non-human troops on foot, horse, and more exotic means of transport. Entire cohorts of wizards and warlocks, raining magical death onto enemy combatants. And monstrous beasts, including giants and dragons. All under the command of a mysterious ruler known only as the Scarlet Emperor.

But disbelief soon turned to horror as the Empire’s legions rolled over the eastern portion of Minaria. The weak kingdom of Pon fell easily. The great kingdom of Muetar put up a valiant defense, but was not able to rally allies to its side in time. Shucassam’s capital, ruled by a corrupt and indolent caliphate, fell easily, but its many desert tribesmen fought the Empire tooth and nail until most of their lands where gone too. Soon the Empire crossed the great river TBD and was on the verge of rolling over the western half of Minaria.

Fortunately for the remaining kingdoms, they were able to put away old grievances and raise armies to stand against the Scarlet legions before that could happen. After one year of hard fighting, they pushed the Empire’s legions back to the other side of the the great river, and gain back some of the lands that belonged to Shucassam and Muetar. Winter set in, and both armies, exhausted, camped for the winter and licked their wounds. Now spring has returned and rumors of major offensive run throughout the seven kingdoms. Meanwhile, some whisper that the Empire might have already launched a campaign to destroy the Seven Kingdoms – this time from within.

It is a time desperately in need of heroes. Will new ones arise to meet the challenge? Can they stop the Empire before it corrupts, conquers and destroys the remaining kingdoms? And will they be able to discover the terrible secret of the Scarlet Emperor before it is too late?

Heroes of the Seven Kingdoms

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