History of Minaria

The land of Minaria has long had a violent history. A thousand years ago explorers from the western seas found and settled the coast of Minaria. They had a long and hard struggle fighting the monsters and barbarian hordes that roamed the land. Over time these settlements grew into the Alaran empire. At its height Alara’a banners flew from the west coast to the ghost mountains.

At first the emperors were great heroes, and worked for the boon of all peoples in their lands. But as time passed, the Empire grew decadent. The nobles spent more time scheming against one another and currying favor then tending to their lands. The wielder’s of magic power turned more towards dark and forbidden lore in an endless quest for even greater power.

Chief among those was the a great wizard whose name has been lost in the mists of time. Seeking immortality, he/she delved deeply into the necromantic arts. After years of research the wizard learned the secrets of undeath, and first Lich was “born” – the Black Hand.

The Black Hand used powerful illusion magic to hide its undead appearance, and soon corrupted many of the Alaran nobility with its “gift of immortality” – eternal undeath. Before long the Black Hand had a huge retinue of corrupted nobles. He manipulated them into starting a civil war that ripped the empire in two.

The war raged for many years, prolonged by the Black Hand’s ability to raise the fallen combatants anew as undead soldiers in his army. Eventually the uncorrupted remainder of the Alaran forces were able to rally for one last great battle. After many days of great heroics and savage fighting the Alaran forces were able to prevail. The Black Hand, greatly diminished in power, fled to the east, eventually taking up residence in the Tower of Zards.

History of Minaria

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